• CreateASoft, Inc. Simulation Software

    What is Simcad Pro® Dynamic Process Simulator?
    • Simcad Pro®: Next Generation Dynamic Simulator,
    • Operates under an Entirely Different Paradigm than Traditional Static Tools.
    • To provide Real Time Operational Visibility, Dynamic Replay,
    • Dynamic capability drastically Reduces the Time Required to Build, Analyze, and Optimize Models.
    • Dynamic Simulation® - Patented NO Coding Environment, Real Time Data Import
    • 3D Visualization - Dynamic 3D Visualization and Animations, Custom 3D Imaging
    • On-The-Fly Analysis - Schedule/Sequencing Optimization, Dynamic Gantt Chart
    • LEAN/ TQM/ Six Sigma - Value Stream Analysis, Real Time Lean Metrics
    • Scenario Analysis/ Metrics - Statistical Reporting Tools, Real Time Feedback and Costing Analysis
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    What is SimTrack Dynamic Visibility & Analysis Software?
    • SimTrack® is a Dynamic 3D Visibility and Analysis tool,
    • utilizes Simcad Pro patented technology to provide real-time operational visibility, dynamic replay, proactive forecasting, and customizable reports
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What is Simulation on the Cloud with Simcad Cloud?
  • Safe, Secure Cloud Based Simulation Available On-Demand
  • Web Based model collaboration and model sharing
  • Access, Create, Modify, and Share Simulations from any Browser
  • Multi-platform: Mac iOS®, Windows®, Linux®, Android® Compatible
  • Fully Interactive Simulation Environment Available From Your Browser
  • Interactive Dynamic Simulation including Database/ Spreadsheet Connectivity
  • Extensive Integrated Analysis and Model Optimization
  • Securely Host Simulation Files, Databases, Spreadsheets
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What is SimDaTa - Data Collector?
  • SimDaTa provides Users with an Interface between a Microsoft Surface Tablet and Simcad Process Simulator.
  • Streamline the Process of Collecting Accurate Data for Time Study Purposes
  • Walk the Floor and Perform Time Studies on Different Processes
  • Collect Data Related to the Flow to Assist in Model Building and Value Stream Mapping
  • Dynamically Synchronize to Import Collected Data into Simcad and Apply Changes to the Model
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ClientConnect Live Chat Software Features -
  • Web-Based Access 24/7
  • Customizeable Graphics and Logos
  • Visitor Monitoring and Tracking
  • Proactive Invitations
  • Customizeable Text Invites
  • Automatic Invitation Scheduler
  • Live Chat Management
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